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Just got back from the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International convention in Las Vegas. I’ve been before and it can very easily become an information overload session checking out what everybody is doing in the industry, not to mention all of the new product. I took a few things away from it and also took advantage of the time in Vegas to SHOOT! My cousin Jill Jackson came out from NY. Rich Pecjak and Jill and I cruised the streets one day into the evening and shot a ton of images. It’s fun to shoot people and portraits outside of a wedding day and this definitely was a chase the light type of shoot. Once evening came on we pushed the limits of finding available light which is always a good exercise whether you’ve been shooting for 5 or 50 years. Light is light. How we record it has changed dramatically but the rules for good light pretty much stay the same. We also went to Red Rock Canyon, west of LV the next morning and got some beautiful landscape photos and some more portrait. All of us took turns shooting and being in front of the camera. The photos above are Rich and Jill doing their part in front of the camera. Jill was definitely the cutest and got most of the camera time. She deserved it 🙂


Just prior to heading up to WPPI in Las Vegas this April I did a shoot with Marc & Maggie. They had never met each other before and had pretty good chemistry. I went to shoot along with Jimmy Bishop, whose wedding I shot a few years ago. He and his wife now have twins. Go Jimmy and Lauren. He came down from St. George, set up the shoot and we went for it. Spent about a half day in La Jolla. There are so many great places to shoot there. Marc was formerly the lead singer for Off By One and Maggie was beautiful and really knew how to whip that dress around.

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