“When booking a photographer you can’t comprise, bottom line, no matter what the event is.  All you can take with you other than your memories is photos and video and looking at one photo can spark a million emotions.  With all sincerity I can say if you want photos that will move you, inspire you and make you feel the exact way you felt taking them as you do looking at them, book Nate.” – Marina

“We still have friends and family comment on how great our wedding pictures turned out. He did a great job, and we treasure our pictures from that special day. I would describe his photography as professional, comprehensive, and creative.” – Bethany

“Great to work with. Friendly, honest! and most importantly he was a fly on the wall. I hardly noticed him- but he was always there.” – Corinne

“I felt he was just as enthusiastic about my wedding pictures as I was! Nathan is definitely doing what makes him happy, and we quickly felt like a friend was taking our pictures, rather than someone we just met. We were pleased with the result and the experience.” – Lisa

“I was super picky on my photographer because I knew my pictures would be super important to me. I didn’t care if I had to cut corners on flowers to get an amazing photographer. Well Nathan is UNBELIEVABLY reasonable!  He also does these Wedsnaps! which are great. It feels like you have a photobooth without having to pay an additional fee. Highly Recommend Nathan!!!” – Elena

“Our pictures were so amazing the website Once Wed, where I got alot of ideas, wanted to feature our wedding. Nathan knows how to be a part of the wedding and capture what you are not seeing, he’s very unintrusive and makes sure you get to see how it unfolded.” – Rayna

“Should’ve used him.  Got crappy pics trying to save $.  I learned ‘use a good photographer’.”  – Jodi

“The pictures Nathan returned were really amazing! The images were top notch…very high quality – clear, crisp, vibrant and he seemed to capture the perfect moment of exuberant and touching expression on everyone’s faces. So far everyone I have shared them with have teared up all over again.” – Urban Corp


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