So here’s a quick video piece I did on Jerry Garns, a commercial photographer here in LA.  He typically does product and quite a bit of automotive but this particular video segment documented a portrait shoot of some musicians and actors for an upcoming play at a theater in Thousand Oaks.

I had just finished shooting some interiors one day in Valencia when Jerry called and asked if I could come to this shoot last minute, which I promptly said yes to.  While helping with lights and some general assisting, I proposed the idea of shooting some video from my 7D and he said sure.  This is all hand held, shot with my 1.8 50mm, with the in-camera mic.  I edited the video in FCP and put a piece of original music to it, that I created in Garageband.

I’m looking forward to creating more.

Jerry Garns from Nathan Petty on Vimeo.



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