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Went down to Costa Rica for a week and was able to recharge the business batteries. Spent the week with 4 other entrepreneurs and it was helpful to glean a bit from them. There’s always plenty to learn about business, primarily how to best serve the client and expedite a more efficient business process whether you’re a painter, an event production planner or a photographer. My goal is excellent customer service. Hold me to it 🙂

We surfed Boca Barranca and stayed at the Hotel Boca Barranca. This wave is world class and is deemed the 2nd longest left in the world. I don’t doubt it for a second, that paddle made Jello out of me. We met the owner of the hotel, Diego Calvo and we’re going to get a website up for him with a webcam so a return trip may be in order! We surfed other spots such as Corralillos, Calderas, Playa Hermosa and Isla Damas, two of which we had to hire a boat driver and it was well worth it. Our most idyllic setting was Corralillos. We got some amazing photos there. Saw a few crocodiles, lots of iguanas but no monkeys. I wanted to see some flippin’ monkeys. Next trip. I’ll be putting a highlight of the trip in pictures and will get that up soon. We also have some video that is a must see.

It feels like we only scratched the surface of the wave-riding potential of that place. Definitely more trips to follow.


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Finished up shooting an engagement session in La Jolla and the surf was decent so I drove over to Windansea and shot a few from the water’s edge with my 300mm.

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