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This is my first shot at embedding a YouTube video into the blog. And wham-o it works. You gotta love YouTube.

This was a video edit I put together of some Hawaii and SoCal surfing footage from 2000-2002. It has bits of Andy Irons, Kalani Robb, Sunny Garica, Joel Parkinson, Mick Fanning, Fred Pattachia, David Bowen, Daniel Skaf and others. Ozz Daynes has yet to make the blog. One day…


Went down to Costa Rica for a week and was able to recharge the business batteries. Spent the week with 4 other entrepreneurs and it was helpful to glean a bit from them. There’s always plenty to learn about business, primarily how to best serve the client and expedite a more efficient business process whether you’re a painter, an event production planner or a photographer. My goal is excellent customer service. Hold me to it 🙂

We surfed Boca Barranca and stayed at the Hotel Boca Barranca. This wave is world class and is deemed the 2nd longest left in the world. I don’t doubt it for a second, that paddle made Jello out of me. We met the owner of the hotel, Diego Calvo and we’re going to get a website up for him with a webcam so a return trip may be in order! We surfed other spots such as Corralillos, Calderas, Playa Hermosa and Isla Damas, two of which we had to hire a boat driver and it was well worth it. Our most idyllic setting was Corralillos. We got some amazing photos there. Saw a few crocodiles, lots of iguanas but no monkeys. I wanted to see some flippin’ monkeys. Next trip. I’ll be putting a highlight of the trip in pictures and will get that up soon. We also have some video that is a must see.

It feels like we only scratched the surface of the wave-riding potential of that place. Definitely more trips to follow.


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Finished up shooting an engagement session in La Jolla and the surf was decent so I drove over to Windansea and shot a few from the water’s edge with my 300mm.

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