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San Diego Surf Pictures

I shot surf photography for my friends’ new surfboard line, Rancho Surf, at Swami’s in Encinitas.

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San Diego Surf Photos

Quick shoot with Andy Pierce and Josh and Jordy Collins at Big Rock this past Monday.  Little bit of funkiness to the ocean but we got a few decent images.

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Del Mar Water Photographer

A quick swim in Del Mar with the water housing.

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November 29, 2011

Surf Photographer San Diego

Jordy is young, ripping and got picked up by Hurley a while back.  Here a few photos from an empty Carlsbad lineup.

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San Diego Water Photography

This massive swell was undoubtedly the best Summer surf I’d ever seen in San Diego.  It produced some pretty massive waves for San Diego and I jumped in the ocean to photograph those wild enough to surf Big Rock.  I went out with Andrew Pierce who’s sponsored by Proof sunglasses.  Sharp wooden specs you should take a look at.  That last image below is Andy getting a beautiful shack.

A quick note about this day – I nearly drown trying to get into the beach and was caught under the surf while wedged into the rocks on the shore on a massive high tide.  Thankfully I was ok, but had a small scare for sure.  In that light… enjoy the photos 🙂

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