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I’ve been working on a project recently, pulling together as much white fashion as possible. If shot right, it looks beautiful. I’ve shot a bit of white, after a few hundred brides and some white tux’s. Here are three looks, shot at the south end of Del Mar yesterday.

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Did some portrait shooting over in the streets of the Windansea area. Alex photographs particularly well, especially with these colors. Still needing to update more of the blog. I’ve done and shot quite a bit in the last month that still needs to be posted. I’m forever catching up. Stay tuned…

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Here it is July 26th and I haven’t updated the blog for nearly a month. I’ll slowly be filling shoots as they are edited… This was a portfolio shoot with Crystal who came down the from *The OC* to shoot. I think we got a few good ones.


Just prior to heading up to WPPI in Las Vegas this April I did a shoot with Marc & Maggie. They had never met each other before and had pretty good chemistry. I went to shoot along with Jimmy Bishop, whose wedding I shot a few years ago. He and his wife now have twins. Go Jimmy and Lauren. He came down from St. George, set up the shoot and we went for it. Spent about a half day in La Jolla. There are so many great places to shoot there. Marc was formerly the lead singer for Off By One and Maggie was beautiful and really knew how to whip that dress around.

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The Utah trip was a success. The image above is Allison Tiek and her session was the first shoot of the week. I ended up working with 15 models from 3 agencies, both guys and girls, did a few family portrait sessions and got some amazing images. I was blown away at the number of images at the end of it all! When you’re working you’re not even thinking about it, but that shutter clicked over 6,000 times. The coldest day it was 2 degrees in Park City, but photographer, models and equipment kept working in spite of it all. The night I get home flashes and cameras start wigging out. Kurt’s Camera did some needed repairs – $400 later. The shutter needed to be replaced which is no big surprise considering how hard it worked, but I never went to my back-up camera. The portrait slideshows should start going up in early January of each individual session. Merry Christmas to all.

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